Parent Support

Psychotherapy For parent support

Parenting is a journey of great joy and fulfillment. Yet, it also presents numerous life-altering changes and challenges. Parents often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and alone, trying to understand and attend to their child’s emotional, behavioral and developmental needs. To assist parents as they travel this wonderful yet often-bumpy road, we provide individual and family therapy, as well as various therapeutic support groups.

In our group settings, parents can meet one another in a non-judgmental and supportive environment, while obtaining information about normative childhood development, learning positive parenting strategies, and developing coping skills to promote parental self care.

We offer an ongoing therapeutic support group for mothers raising teen girls. For mothers, the relationship with a daughter has its own set of complexities, with often-inevitable conflicts and tensions starting in the teen years. This group will provide information about normative teen behaviors, will teach effective communication skills and problem-solving strategies to improve your connection with your daughter, and will help you learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques to reduce your stress.

We provide a therapeutic support group for parents of struggling young adults. In this group, we will address, from the parents’ perspective, a variety of concerns common to young adults, including “failure to launch,” lack of motivation, mental illness, substance use and learning issues. Despite diligent, loving and caring parenting, many young adults are stuck in this all-important developmental stage. Parents struggle too, as they try to balance assistance with “tough love,” while maintaining their own independent lives and relationships.

This group will provide support, psychoeducation, realistic strategies to provide encouragement, growth and guidance without enabling dependent behaviors, and techniques to manage your own anxiety and maintain appropriate parent-child boundaries.