Children & Adolescents

Psychotherapy For children & adolescents

There are many unique challenges children and adolescents face in the world today including: bullying, low self-esteem, social and academic difficulties, trauma, loss, and family issues. In addition, children and teens may struggle with mental health disorders such as poor attention and impulse control, anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress.

The goal in working with children and adolescents is to build skills and resiliency for healthy development throughout their lives. We believe that play and experiential skill building are essential to helping children and adolescents understand and regulate their emotions and behaviors, while enhancing their capacity to solve problems. Parents and caregivers play a fundamental role in the child’s ability to navigate mood states and cope with life stressors. Our team utilizes diverse treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child- Parent Psychotherapy, Parent Management Training, mindfulness techniques, and family-oriented modalities. We also have specialized assessment and therapy approaches for children and adolescents with developmental and intellectual disabilities including learning difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as medical concerns.